Parallel Worlds

It all started on a cold, gray and rainy winter's day in an otherwise normal November. The clouds are hanging low, it's raining and it's won't stop for days. Our protagonist is struggling through the rush-hour to work, as he does every day. He is an ordinary employee in a renowned company in the financial sector in a well-known American city. A small wheel in the endless gears of the financial industry. Nevertheless, he is doing quite well - a degree in the information sector, a secure, well-paid job, a wife and child, and regular working hours make for a life worth living. One day in the early 90s, he was inspired by a ingenious idea that would turn his life around. His idea is to sell products via the internet.

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EDE and omnoto accompany retail partners on their way into the future

Steel traders in Germany are in the midst of digital change. An apparent fact is that this change is also advancing steadily in the steel industry. Therefore, the desire to operate digitally as well is only sensible and the only right way to seize opportunities in the future steel trade.

Since the middle of the pandemic at the latest, it should be clear to every trader that online trading can generate enormous sales and profits for well-positioned companies, even in difficult times. Everyone is aware of this development, but it is often difficult to implement it in one's own company. This is due to a lack of in-house resources, product data that has not yet been prepared for digitization and a lack of experience in e-commerce. Building up your own know-how and tackling the problems independently is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

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Break new grounds with your own online steelshop

Selling steel online - how useful is online marketing of your steel?

The online marketing of steel poses a problem for many indecisive steel traders: they don't know what they are getting into and whether they can gain benefits and profit from having their own steel store on the Internet. But online marketing brings many advantages that hardly any trader is aware of. Because one thing is for sure - your own online steel store relieves your employees and enables a clever redistribution to profitable processes, automates existing processes, lets you sell more in less time and eliminates the problem of single purchases by small-volume customers.

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E-commerce and digital sales channels in steel trading

Digitization and Industry 4.0 includes the automation of internal processes and production as well as sales channels such as online stores. These offer the steel trade a future-oriented opportunity to save resources and focus on customers. Terms such as e-commerce, e-shops and digitization do not conceal an insurmountable wall but rather enormous growth potential. In times of Amazon, Google, eBay and Co. products are more and more sold online. There is hardly anything that cannot be purchased online. Which brings up one question - why not steel?

The study "Digitalization in the Industry Focus - Steel and Metal Trade" by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA)* identifies online stores as new, innovative sales channels. And this is exactly where omnoto comes into action - because online sales saves resources and makes your sales fit for the future!

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New! Guided omnoto steel store tour

Time is money - that's why we thought about how to give you a quick overview of the omnoto webshop. The result is a guided tour that explains all current functions quickly and easily in 5 minutes. You'll receive short and concise details about the individual steps and can decide for yourself which topics are of interest to you. You can test all plugins live and convince yourself how a modern and state of the art steel store could look like.

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