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e.commerce solutions for steel companies

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You are interested in the fascinating prospects of e-commerce and looking for a solution to sell your products online. All the while being connected to your merchandise management system on-site? Omnoto offers you to import orders and inquiries smoothly, export stocks easily and update prices within seconds.


Your shop is supposed to be interlinked with your current existing offline-workflow as it hadn't ever been handled differently. Your new online solution is going to work closely together with your merchandise management. If a product is bought online, your background systems will immediately be updated - automatically! Our solution is working 24/7 to improve your sales and work through your orders.


The dispatch department reports the processing status to the merchandise management like before - but now your customer will be kept updated in real time. This is how digitization is supposed to be!



Discover unknown territories for your enterprise. We are going to support you throughout the process of integrating existing systems in your new, state-of-the-art e.commerce solution. Existing business processes will be smoothly merged with your new E-shop. Create the foundation for your future expanse , seize the opportunity and utilise it!

Plugin development

We know that you are going to have customised requests and requirements for your project. We are going to provide support during the implementation process and achieve your objectives together. Together we will work result-oriented and realise pragmatic solutions

Go digital

You need help with the digitisation of your enterprise. Many questions go through your mind - do I have to re-structure my existing processes? Do I need to edit existing data? How am I organised internally and what changes will occur? What are the prospects and benefits of digitisation? We are going to answer all your questions and help you in finding the best possible strategy.

Individual Solutions

Every enterprise has its own demands. Nevertheless, many demands overlap with another. Wouldn't it be reasonable to develop only the crucial aspects and hone them? The benefits are at hand - costs could be reduced and the process of digitising could be accellerated to a great extent. By this means, our true focus of realising your individual project can be achieved.

How can we help you?

A broad portfolio of tools currently exists and are available at any time. Digitising your enterprise is only a step away and we are lucky to help you find the correct tools.

We are your digitization-partner

You decided to digitise your enterprise and preparing your business processes for the future? You are ambitious to expand your customer base and not only keep up with your competitors but overtake them?

Brilliant! That means you decided to take action and digitise your company. The question that arises is - how?

A variety of agencies and service providers who only use foreign words, pledge extensive compact solutions and provide obscure costs exists in the shopware-market. Laymen can hardly see through these offers.

Omnoto is different. Our focus lies on your company and realising your goals! We talk the same language through year-long experience and walk the digitising way together. Step by step and adapted to the pace of your business! As your digitising-partner we are going to assist you from soup to nuts and beyond.


Shopware 6

Ready for the next stept

Shopware 6

The newest addition to Shopware's e.commerce solutions offers unprecedented performance. Connectivity. Up-to-date. Flexible.

We think that software is supposed to adapt to your desires - not vice versa. By using shopware 6 we offer you the state-of-the art solution in the e.commerce sector.

Together with our tailor-made plugins, you are going to contrast your company from the homogenous mass and take the lead by offering your customers state-of-the art experience.

Your e.commerce solution

The digitisation process results in your own customised e.commerse online presence with technical connection to your merchandise management system. The seamless integration of your existing online-shop into your new shop probably makes it your favourite. If you wish us to take over maintenance work, so you can be free to look after your day-to-day business, just tell us. 

Support and Maintenance

We will never let you down. As individual as your requirements as customised is our support. Should you have any questions, suggestions, or problems - we will look after you. Your satisfaction and success is our highest priority.

Contact us via the contact form, via mail, or via phone and we will be immediately by your side with advice and assistance.