EDE and omnoto accompany retail partners on their way into the future

10. September 2020

Steel traders in Germany are in the midst of digital change. An apparent fact is that this change is also advancing steadily in the steel industry. Therefore, the desire to operate digitally as well is only sensible and the only right way to seize opportunities in the future steel trade.

Since the middle of the pandemic at the latest, it should be clear to every trader that online trading can generate enormous sales and profits for well-positioned companies, even in difficult times. Everyone is aware of this development, but it is often difficult to implement it in one's own company. This is due to a lack of in-house resources, product data that has not yet been prepared for digitization and a lack of experience in e-commerce. Building up your own know-how and tackling the problems independently is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

The Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler (short: E/D/E) and omnoto were dedicated to these problems. Therefore, representatives of both sides met digitally at the end of August to work out how steel traders, above all specialized trade partners of E/D/E, can be helped. Independently of each other, both companies have taken up the challenges mentioned above. Through different perspectives these could be worked out in a good form and a suitable solution was found.

The E/D/E paved the way into the future by providing a standardized and prepared product database with an enormous number of more than 300,000 steel articles. As a result, all product data are immediately ready for digitization. From a different perspective, omnoto concentrated on the optimal, fast, and modern development of a digital branch focusing on the steel trade.

The combination of these two approaches resulted in a cooperation that is open to all E/D/E trade partners and creates added value - profitable, digital and future-oriented.

This can be used exclusively by E/D/E retail partners free of charge. Specialized trade partners can thus quickly access the database, without any programming of their own and additional effort, and profit from maximum benefit without compromise. The E/D/E specialized trade partner obtains the data directly from E/D/E. The data received is then automatically imported by the omnoto plugin. This not only speeds up the setup, but also reduces possible errors and speeds up the setup of your own e-branch immensely.

Your work is done for you by the E/D/E database and the importer. Together we move e-commerce in the steel trade towards the future!


Picture by kiquebg on Pixabay