E-commerce and digital sales channels in steel trading

21. Februar 2020

Digitization and Industry 4.0 includes the automation of internal processes and production as well as sales channels such as online stores. These offer the steel trade a future-oriented opportunity to save resources and focus on customers. Terms such as e-commerce, e-shops and digitization do not conceal an insurmountable wall but rather enormous growth potential. In times of Amazon, Google, eBay and Co. products are more and more sold online. There is hardly anything that cannot be purchased online. Which brings up one question - why not steel?

The study "Digitalization in the Industry Focus - Steel and Metal Trade" by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA)* identifies online stores as new, innovative sales channels. And this is exactly where omnoto comes into action - because online sales saves resources and makes your sales fit for the future!

Using e-commerce to trade steel online

The study mentioned above not only found out that onlineshops is the new and innovative possibility for a future-oriented steel trade, but also mentioned that only 21% of the steel traders questioned (among the interviewees were managing directors, shift and production managers, as well as skilled workers) already have experience with industry 4.0 applications. This means that an early implementation of your own merchandise management system to an online store system is not only future-oriented but ensures that you can stand out from your competitors.

Under the point "Self-assessment of the steel and metal trade" it is depicted that there are already some possibilities to configure orders online and to handle the ordering process, but these solutions are only used and implemented by big players.

Steel giants such as Klöckner started to convert their own processes and use online distribution channels several years ago. But you can take advantage of this opportunity as well. With omnoto you have the possibility to connect your merchandise management system to a fully automated online store system. A store solution that enables your customers to buy your steel at any time, from any place. Analogue processes by phone, fax, consultation with the warehouse manager, logistics and the customer become obsolete! And that not only saves time and nerves but money as well. Because a shortened, simplified distribution chain saves personnel and maintenance work.

omnoto helps you to develop and sell your steel online. Because an online store is visible to everyone at all times. Get away from opening hours and increase your order situation!

Define your own steel store and lay the foundation for digitalization!

Your own individual e-commerce solution offers a wide range of possibilities to design your own individual store. Plan a customised store, offer your customers information they need in places that are easy to find and clearly arranged. 3D-presentations, an automatic mediation of factory certificates, the selection of packaging, a modern and steel-oriented appearance, blanks and much more enable you to appear like a big player without the tough process of in-house development.



*you can find the study under http://eurometal.net/wp-content/uploads/Studie-zur-Digitalisierung-im-Stahl-und-Metallhandel.pdf